Olsson Industrial Electric is proud to announce that our internal division OS Engineering has been awarded Inductive Automation Premier Integrator status. A company truly committed to paving the way in the engineering industry, OS Engineering is currently the only company in the state of Oregon with this credential, positioning them as the leading Ignition software experts statewide. 

Ignition by Inductive Automation is known as “The New SCADA”—a server-centric, expandable and scalable, innovation-oriented, unified HMI, SCADA, IIoT, and MES software solution. Ignition is rapidly gaining market share, and it is utilized by a variety of companies in over 100 countries spanning virtually every industry, including Coca-Cola®, Crate & Barrel®, Fujifilm®, Goodyear®, Johnson & Johnson®, Starbucks®, Under Armour®, and Walt Disney®. 

This accreditation was earned through completion of the Inductive University training course, maintaining certification in the latest version of the software, the successful implementation of numerous Ignition projects with fully satisfied end-users, and active participation in the Inductive Automation community.

A few of OS Engineering’s most notable Ignition achievements to date include a large-scale, complex, and sophisticated deployment for a paper mill as well as extending the operations of Inductive Automation into the previously untapped market sectors of municipal electric utilities and hydroelectric power. 

With the acquisition of this award, OS Engineering has demonstrated that its team is comprised of the state’s foremost experts in Ignition software, and they look forward to continuing to serve the engineering needs of clients across the nation.


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