OS Engineers are power system design, analysis, training, and troubleshooting experts. With decades of collective experience in heavy industrial power system design, the OS team has developed a unique specialty in arc flash analysis, mitigation, and training. OS’ team of Professional Electrical Engineers understands the criticality of arc flash analysis and is truly committed to helping mitigate all risks associated with electrical power distribution systems.

OS Engineering offers the following services for arc flash and power system studies: site inspection and data collection, system model & one-line diagram, system analysis, study report, remedial recommendations, training, and complete documentation and electronic files.

OS Engineering not only generates the data, but helps interpret the results, developing remedial solutions optimized for the facility (if required), and providing requisite training to your employees. The OS approach to system analysis is comprehensive, catering to customer needs, and compliant with regulatory requirements, such as OSHA.

According to OSHA, arc flash burns are one of the top three most common hazards when working with energized electrical equipment. With common causes, such as improperly designed systems or legacy equipment, human error, and equipment failure and/or neglected maintenance, it’s important that you conduct a power system analysis or arc flash study once every five years. If it’s been more than five years since you last conducted a power system analysis or arc flash study, contact OS Engineering today for a free arc flash analysis quote.

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