In December 2018 , we (Olsson) welcomed Garrett Electric into the NAES Corporation family of companies. Established in 1978, Garrett Electric is an experienced commercial and industrial electrical contractor headquartered in Richland, Washington. We are thrilled to join forces with Garrett as both companies (Olsson & Garrett) will benefit from expanded service offerings, increased manpower and a larger service area.


Comprised of over eighty highly skilled tradesmen, electricians, engineers, programmers, and administrative professionals—the Garrett Electric team possesses ample expertise that will greatly augment our existing foundation. Not only are we gaining the aptitude of the Garrett team, but we will also benefit from their reputation of excellence in the industrial and commercial markets. We are proud to acknowledge Garrett Electric’s steadfast commitment to quality and their abounding recent accomplishments, including work with Columbia Water Supply, turbine replacements for Priest Rapids Dam, turbine installation for Ice Harbor Dam, and work with Washington State University Tri-Cities Student Housing.


Olsson and Garrett have recently partnered on a large capital improvement project for Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) in Wallula, Washington. Working together, our team has delivered a craftsmanship-quality product, on-time, with no safety incident – a true testament to Garrett’s expertise and commitment to safety. We are proud to add Garrett to our family of companies and confident that our partnership will flourish.


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