In an exciting new collaboration with the USACE Tulsa District, we are pleased to announce our forthcoming work on the RS Kerr Modernization of Electrical Infrastructure project. Awarded in October 2019, this $15 million endeavor marks Olsson’s first partnership with the USACE Tulsa District.


Olsson will provide the necessary design-build services to replace the two existing 67 MVA, three-winding, generator step-up (GSU) transformers with two new 80 MVA GSU transformers to include relocating them away from the powerhouse to a new location adjacent to the existing 161 kV switchyard. The construction of new transformer foundations and containment systems will be sequenced with the site delivery of new transformers, supplied by others under a separate contract. 


Once each new transformer is in place, the corresponding pair of main unit generators will be reconnected to the new transformers via new 15 kV bus and switchgear. Included in the electrical upgrades to the powerhouse infrastructure are new 480 V station service switchgear that will power the main unit generators and facility support systems. Olsson’s sister company, Greenberry Industrial, will perform mechanical upgrades, including new generator unwatering pumps, new powerhouse drainage pumps, and a new monorail hoist for maneuvering electrical equipment to the lower levels of the powerhouse. This project will have a rapid turnaround, with contract completion in less than two years from the time of award. 


We anticipate breaking ground in October 2020 and all three divisions of Olsson will contribute: Olsson Industrial Electric, OS Engineering, and Olsson Controls.


Olsson Industrial Electric will provide all on-site project management and electrical construction services. Our experienced hydroelectric team will consist of a Site Superintendent, Quality Control Manager, Safety Officer, and several  industrial electricians. Throughout the project our team will work closely with RS Kerr Powerhouse personnel and OS Engineering to develop and execute a sequence of construction that will maximize continuity of operations throughout the project. 


OS Engineering will be the designer of record for the GSU Relocation and will provide technical coordination for the electrical infrastructure upgrades covered by the original contract. This includes comprehensive technical reviews of the contract drawings and specifications as well as coordination between multiple suppliers for the design and manufacturing of equipment. The team will also identify opportunities to optimize existing designs in an effort to improve the final configuration and functionality of the overall system. OS Engineering will provide technical support for the construction team and execute detailed commissioning plans throughout the project.


Olsson Controls’ UL 508 Certified Panel Shop will fabricate a remote control panel for the new SQ1 480V switchgear and perform all controls integration for the 15kV and 480V switchgear itself. The integration of switchgear controls is an expanded capability for Olsson’s panel shop and demonstrates our commitment to incorporating the newest technology in control systems for our valued clients. 

Olsson looks forward to working with the USACE Tulsa District and building relationships in this new region. To learn more about the scope of Olsson’s capabilities and projects, visit us here. To learn how you can contact one of Olsson’s three divisions, click here.

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