Greenberry Cosmo Specialty Fibers Paper Mill Start-Up


Olsson Industrial Electric completed a project in the spring of 2012 that included the start-up and commissioning of a paper mill that had been shuttered for the past five years. Due to a compressed construction schedule, the Olsson field crew worked around the clock in order to complete the project. The project featured 24-hour staffing. 


  • Replaced 2,478 total instruments
  • Inspected conduit and fittings, and repaired any issues found
  • Instruments were tested for functionality and to verify information to PLC or DCS
  • Damaged instruments and wires were repaired or replaced
  • 250 process critical instruments were bench calibrated, the remaining 2,228 were field calibrated
  • Performed point check for all I/O points and DCS loops
  • Made PLC, HMI, and DCS programming changes as needed for the new owner’s process
  • Repaired or replaced PLC, HMI, and DCS as needed
  • Replaced 1,163 total motors
  • MCC buckets were inspected and cleaned, and repaired any issues found
  • Meggered all motors, and replaced or repaired any issues found
  • Bumped each motor to verify rotation
  • Medium Voltage Switch Gear was inspected, cleaned and tested
  • Transformers and breakers were tested, and all issues were repaired or replaced


  • Zero safety incidents
Client: Greenberry Industrial
Location: Cosmopolis, Washington
Timeline: 2012
Divisions: Construction, Controls & Engineering
Value: $4,000,000


Hydro Design
Power System Design & Analysis
Automation System Analysis

Industry Served:

Pulp & Paper

Area Served:

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